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(Or should that be Captain’s Page…? ED)

Welcome to this next edition of the Tyrrells Wood Newsletter, I am sure we are all delighted with the condition and presentation of the course, thanks go to Bert and his team for all their hard work.  I have received much favourable feedback on the flag colours to indicate the pin position; we have certainly seen some interesting pin positions of late!

  In the last newsletter, I referred to the problems of slow play.  No doubt you will be aware that we are timing medal rounds and I, or a member of the Committee, have been in evidence at the halfway house to keep an eye on the general speed of play.  As a result of this, we have identified some problem areas and several players have been advised they are on a “watch list”.  I hope this will be sufficient, but if necessary we will not allow repeat “offenders” to secure an early tee time for a period of time.  As an example of slow play, taking four hours to complete your round if you tee-off in the first three or four groups is totally unacceptable as it inevitably means those teeing off later will take at least as long, probably longer and players will be left waiting on virtually every shot.  Also unacceptable is completing your round with a 20-minute plus gap between you and the group ahead.  PLEASE REMEMBER IT IS YOUR DUTY TO KEEP UP WITH THE GAME IN FRONT!

Can I also please remind you of two other things:
  - Since we introduced the new rakes, they are often left propped up on the edge of the bunker, causing the potential for an awkward lie if your ball hits the rake.  This is why we have traditionally asked players to leave the rake IN the bunker.  Your co-operation would be appreciated.
  - Also, if you are wearing shorts and short socks, the socks must be
PREDOMINANTLY WHITE SPORTS SOCKS. The Professional’s staff are authorised to ask you to comply with the dress code before starting your round.
They have my full support, and that of the Golf Committee, in ensuring compliance with the dress code.

  For some time now, there have been concerns over the management of the tees and starting times, particularly during the week with all the various societies, green fees, matches and the regular roll-ups.  The introduction of Tom, our Starter, has been a major step forward, but he cannot be there at all times.  Therefore, with effect from 1st July, the Proshop is taking full responsibility for the management of the tees and the Starter will be a member of Simon’s team.  This is a very positive move and we expect it will provide a significantly higher quality of service to members and our guests and prevent the mishaps that have occurred from time to time.  I know you will give Simon your full co-operation as we make this important change in the operation of our two starting tees.

  On the playing front we have had some notable successes.  Congratulations to our team of Paul Hughes, Paul Earl and Adam Romain who have just won the prestigious Inter-Club Tournament at the RAC, this only the second time we have won this important competition.

  Congratulations also to Paul Hughes (again!), Ian Gale, Jamil Chugthai and Paul Hearne who won the Betchworth Park Trophy.  This is the third year running that we have won this trophy.

  Congratulations also to Geoff Hubbard and our Warren League team who currently have won all four of their matches to date.  Geoff knows that his performance targets for this year include winning this for third year in succession !

  Finally, your Captain is proud to report his first ever hole-in-one on the 205 yard 3rd at Hadley Wood Golf Club, playing with Charles in a Captain and Secretary competition.  This was a big competition and therefore an extremely expensive operation!

                                                                                                   Roger Kitley

Winter  League

Members are advised that to qualify for entry into the Winter League 2003 / 2004 it will be necessary to have played in FOUR qualifying competitions. This requirement will also be relevant for next year’s Knock – out Competitions.

Billy McMillan

We are very pleased to welcome Billy McMillan into the Tyrrells Wood “ family, “ and we look forward to September 1st when he will be starting his employment with us.
Billy comes from a green keeping family: his father and four brothers are all involved within the green keeping industry. It would seem that Billy has taken after his parents as he has six children of his own made up of four girls and two boys, currently with ages ranging from 19 to 5.  He started his green keeping career as an apprentice at Bush Hill Golf Club in North London in 1975, rising to become a Head Green keeper in his own right at the tender age of 17 ¾.  He was known to fib as he told his employer that he was 18 so that he was assumed old enough to take on this demanding role.  Since that time he has held many Head Green keeper positions working at clubs such as Sunningdale, Effingham, and more recently at Mannings Heath. Over the years he has had some experience in general club management and has spent some time as
General Manager for both Wildwood and Lamerwood Country Clubs during the late nineties 
Billy takes an active part in the general advancement of Green keeping within the golf industry and has presented papers at educational conferences in most parts of the UK, Ireland and Sweden.  He is a social golfer and plays off a handicap of seven.

5 Day Members

The Board recognises that 5 Day Members who are trying to reduce their handicaps with a view to becoming 6 or 7 Day Members, do have very limited opportunities to play in any qualifying competitions. With this in mind it has been agreed to run a Monthly qualifying competition solely for such 5-Day Members during the period July to November. The following dates have been penciled in and entries will be able to be made in the Pro shop shortly before each event.

    Sunday 20th July                      Approx 2.00 pm
Sunday 24th August                  Approx 2.00 pm
    Sunday 14th September            Approx 2.00 pm
    Sunday 26th October                Approx 1.00 pm
    Sunday 16th November             Approx 12.30 pm

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